Barefoot canvas shoes 31-36. C063-318L

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D.D.Step BAREFOOT canvas shoes have ultra-thin rubber soles to let the kids’ feet feel the ground and the natural movement during walking and running, while keeping them protected. The shoes are wide and unrestricting to let kids’ feet grow strong natural bones and tendons, especially the toe which is crucial for balance and skillful movement. The shoes are minimise structured to guarantee protection while super flexible allowing the tendons and muscles in kids feet to splay and recoil.

As long as there are no pain, muscle or bone system problems, children’s feet can and should develop without hindrance. Wearing Barefoot shoes allows this process to take place by simulating the barefoot effect: it provides protection but does not alter the natural movement of the foot. To do this, the shoes must be thin, flexible, foot-shaped and completely flat, such as barefoot model shoes.

The sole and insole of the Barefoot model shoe are completely smooth.

The insoles are removable, so they can be cleaned and dried to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the footwear on the inside. The removable insoles are made of leather.

The special design of the front of the shoes protects the shoes from knocking down.

Lightweight, durable and non-slip rubber outsoles.

The 3D stitching of the upper to the outsole reduces the use of glue and chemicals. 

The footwear is treated with a special water-repellent coating, thus creating a “LOTUS” effect on the shoe surface to keep the shoes clean. 

The shoes are covered with a special waterproof material, which not only traps moisture, but also makes the LOTUS coating resistant to dirt.

D.D.Step | SUN REACTIVE shoes react to UV light, the color change of the shoes decoration starts when there is a strong UV source.

The leather/fabric is treated with a sun-sensitive material. Colors become white indoors and change color when exposed to sunlight.

The color changes depending on whether they are in the shade or the sun. D.D.Step | SUN REACTIVE shoes do not block UV rays. No matter how long or how much UV light is exposed, the shoes will turn white when the UV source is gone.


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