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This model shoes decrease 5 mm.

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D.D.step shoes are genuine leather shoes that meet orthopedic requirements. Comfortable splints (shoe elevations) reduce the fatigue of the child feet, allow them to be held correctly and move easily.

The applied sewing technology prevents the shoes from tearing and at the same time is designed for easy shoe flexibility.

The special design of the front of the shoe protects the shoes from being crushed.

The soles are rubber, non-slip, long-lasting, very flexible and light.

The sole of the shoe has a curved footrest. It is fast-drying, has damping properties and is breathable.

Cushion at the heel. The high-quality leather upper allows the feet to breathe, and the shoes are durable and comfortable.

The shoes of this model are reduced by 5 mm.

The leather should be handled and cared for regularly. Moisture protection sprays and leather waxes and greases intended for surface leather are suitable for protection.

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D. D. Step (Hungary)
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