Sandals 28-33. DA051326AL
  • Sandals 28-33. DA051326AL
  • Sandals 28-33. DA051326AL
  • Sandals 28-33. DA051326AL
  • Sandals 28-33. DA051326AL
  • Sandals 28-33. DA051326AL
  • Sandals 28-33. DA051326AL

Sandals 28-33. DA051326AL

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The Ponte20 shoes meets the orthopedic requirements and has the necessary aspects for a child's development.

Comfortable genuine leather insoles reduce the child legs tired, allows them to keep correct and easy to move.

The closed heel of the sandals is inclined outwards 5mm, thus giving a firm position to the feet, and the supinator ensures the correct development of the foot.

The heel of the sandals is strong to help maintain the correct position of the growing foot.

The shoes upper part is made of high-quality leather. To ensure natural contact with the foot, the inside of the shoe is made of soft leather.

The insole of the sandals has a molded footrest.

Lightweight, non-slip and durable rubber sole ensures proper foot position and provides maximum comfort.

Thanks to the stickers, sandals can be easily taken off and on.

A firm heel can help prevent scoliosis, sprains, or multiple ligament injuries. Recommended for children who has problems with irregular foot position or knees. The sole of the shoe is tilted from the inside outwards by 5 mm to keep the child feet in the correct position.

Ponte20 is a great choice for those who care about the child's legs developing properly.

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