Barefoot shoes with artifical fur lining 20-25. W073-364

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The sole of the BAREFOOT shoe is made of extremely thin rubber, so that children can feel the base during running and walking, the natural movements of the foot are maintained and the foot is provided with adequate protection.

The wide base of the shoe does not put pressure on the foot, so the bones and tendons of the child's foot can grow and develop freely. This is especially important for the toes, as they are responsible for balance and proper motor skills.

Footwear with a minimalist design provides protection for the foot and is extremely flexible, so the tendons and muscles of the child's foot can stretch and contract freely.

As long as there is no pain, muscle or bone system problems, children's feet can and should develop without hindrance. Wearing barefoot shoes allows this process to take place, simulating the effect of bare feet: protection is provided, but the natural movement of the foot is not altered. For this, the shoes must be thin, flexible, foot-shaped and completely flat, such as barefoot shoes.

Barefoot shoe sole and insole are completely smooth.

The footwear is treated with a special water-repellent material that forms a protective layer on the leather of the upper part of the shoe, and water drops roll off the surface of the shoe, so the shoes do not get wet even for a long time (D.D. Tex technology).

D.D.Step's 3D sewing technology minimises the use of glue and chemicals.

The sole of the shoe is made of natural rubber. The sole in the nose of the shoe with reinforced toe protection is resistant to physical impacts and does not slip. The shoes are light and flexible, allowing natural movement.

High-quality upper leather allows the foot to breathe, the shoes are durable and comfortable.

The leather of the upper must be regularly cared for. Anti-humidity sprays, skin waxes and ointments for superficial skin are suitable for protection.

The in sole of the shoe glows the dark.

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